FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Since all shoes are refinished by hand, processing takes up to 2 weeks. Other items usually ship within 3 days.

Where do you ship from?

All shoes are processed in Germany and shipped from here.

How can I pay?

We currently offer PayPal payment and bank transfer (advance payment). We will do our best to offer other payment methods soon.

Do you accept returns?

Every single pair of shoes is handmade to order. Therefore, unfortunately we cannot offer returns. For other products (that are not made to order) returns are of course possible within the deadline.

I have my own design idea, can you implement it?

We would be happy to listen to your idea and help you design your personal shoes. Simply write us an email (novel-as@outlook.de) or use the contact form .

How do you ensure the durability of the shoes?

We only use the best materials, colors and sealants on the market. Each shoe also comes with detailed care instructions.

How do I clean my shoes?

It's important to only use plain water and soft towels when possible. Detailed information is included with every order.